Rules & Regularions

School timings : (Monday till Thursday) 08:30 am – 12:30 pm (Friday) 08:30 am – 12:00 noon
Late comers after 08:45 will not be allowed to attend the class and will be sent back home.
Fee challan will be issued in advance with sufficient time for payment. Monthly fee will be paid at the bank. In case of misplacing the fee challan, Rs.200/- will be charged for issuance of a new fee challan.
In case of non payment of fee for four months the admission of the child will be cancelled.
I.D cards will be issued to students at the time of admission. Parents / Guardians / Drivers will be required to show the I.D card when picking up students at the time of dispersal.
Students will not be handed over to any stranger without I.D card, verification. In case of misplacing the I.D card, Rs.100/- will be charged for issuance of a new one.
Parents are not allowed in class rooms.
Parents have to check the daily dairy of their child on regular basis and follow the instructions given by the teachers.
Be careful about the personal hygiene of your child. He/she must be tidy daily from head to feet (hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, nails, feet)
Parents have to inform any health problem with the child in advance.
Girl’s hair must be tied properly. Boys should have the army cut.
Parents are required to submit an application if the child needs to take leave.
Mothers will have to keep their child’s hair clean from nits and lice regularly other wise the child will not be allowed to sit in the class.
Parents will not be allowed to talk to any teacher at the dispersal time.
Parents are required to take an appointment from the office in order to discuss their child’s progress.
Reinforcement of the class work is necessary at home.
Both the parents will be required to attend the parent teacher meeting.
Parents are requested to allow their children to attend the field trips as they are for educational purpose and under the supervision of the school’s management.
Any comments/suggestions regarding the teachers/staff members/management will be entertained through our email address (